Minimal Presets

Clean design with a minimal approach, the new Minimal presets are the perfect addition to help refine and perfect your workflow.

Unlike traditional presets, this set was designed as a  stackable preset, helping you get the exact look you want with very few clicks.

Start by applying one of the three base presets, and then make necessary adjustments from the tools.

What’s Included:
  • Three Base Presets
  • 9 Color Adjustments
  • 3 Tone Adjustments
  • 5 Tools
  • 4 Mood Enhancers
  • 2 B&W Presets
  • RESET PRESET Tool that allows you to reset the preset without resetting all your other changes (crop, radial filters, clone tool, brush etc).
  • Can be used with Lightroom Classic, CC, Abobe Camera Raw
  • Installation Instructions
  • PDF Cheat Sheet

.XMP files works with ACR, Lightroom, and Lightroom CC.  If you’re using LR 7 or older LRTEMPLATE files are included.
Due to the nature of digital downloads, all sales are final.

Not made for mobile.

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USD $79.00



Designed for images shot indoors or outdoors using natural light, these presets will help you by quickly creating gorgeous natural, clean tones, from skin to grass.

Your exposure and white balance won’t be affected by the presets, so after (or before) applying the preset, be sure to adjust both your exposure and WB to quickly get the look you want.

Minimal is a stackable preset.  Start by applying one of the base presets, then adjust your image by stacking on some of the other adjustments.  The adjustments will stack on-top of each other, they won’t overwrite what you’ve done.  (only one color preset can be used per image).

Watch the video below to see how to easily get started with these presets!

A Cheat Sheet is included to help you get the most out of your presets. 
More Questions?  Come ask in the Facebook Group!

The Base Presets – Start by applying one of the base presets to your image.  This may be all you need, depending on the image.

Color Adjustments –
Easily reduce orange saturation and brightness (hello gorgeous skintones!)
Change the look of your greens
Remove the blues (especially when there’s lots of blue in your whites)
Make your image less yellow
Reduce the reds

Tone Adjustments – Add warmth to your image

Toolkit –
Turn Lens Correction on or off
Add or remove grain
Reduce the noise in your images

Mood –
Add a film look
Flatten those whites
Soften harsh images
Add some pop

B&W –
2 Black and white presets you can customize further using the Mood and Toolkit adjustments

video walkthrough

USD $79.00

before + afters

USD $79.00


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