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You know, when you look at an image and it gives you a feeling, that’s with this set is.  It’s a feeling.  A set of presets that will add the perfect mood, emotion, and touch to your images.

The Heartist Collection is a set of moody presets with earthy-brown tones.

This is NOT a one-size fits all preset.  (Look at the North or Evergreen Collection for a more versatile preset).  Heartist is for lovers of brown with a moody vibe.  These work beautifully on a huge range of images, and especially well on images with a good range of depth and shadow.

  • 6 Color Presets designed to be used on natural-light images, made indoors or out.
  • 4 Black & White Presets that produce the perfect contrast between black and white.
  • 5 Tone Presets to help you get the perfect colors in your images
  • Done-for-you low-light versions of each preset that lift your shadows without changing your colors
  • 12 quick-tools so you can tweak faster
  • RESET PRESET Tool that allows you to reset the preset without resetting all your other changes (crop, radial filters, clone tool, brush etc won’t be affected).
  • Can be used with Lightroom Classic, CC, Abobe Camera Raw
  • Presets can be installed to Lightroom Mobile without a computer (not the tools or the tones)
  • Installation Instructions

.XMP files works with ACR, Lightroom, and Lightroom CC.  If you’re using LR 7 or older LRTEMPLATE files are included.
*Due to the nature of digital downloads, all sales are final.

Prices are in Canadian but you can purchase from any country.

USD $60.00

About Heartist Presets

The Heartist Collection

COZY  is the moodiest of the bunch, a low saturation, dark and artsy vibe

SNUG  Blueish greens and more saturated oranges make your images pop a little more.

MELLOW  Low contrast and desaturated. Works well on images that have lots of natural contrast from light and shadows.

HOMELY  Desaturated vintage vibes, works great on outdoor images.

TOASTY  My favorite all around, brings up the highlights and has great contrast and tones for indoors and out.

CUDDLE  Brings back those blue tones. If it’s too much, bring back the blue or overall saturation slider.

4 B&W presets

+ Each preset includes a + version, the same tones as it’s base, but with a lift in the shadows.  Perfect for your low-light images.

++ Each color preset also includes a ++ version that lifts shadows, highlights, and blacks and also reduces the contrast, for a softer finish

How To Use Heartist

Designed for images shot indoors or outdoors using natural light, these presets will help you by quickly creating earthy, brown, moody tones.

Your exposure and white balance won’t be affected by the presets.  Apply the presets first – then, be sure to adjust both your exposure and WB to get the look you want.

The included tools allow you to add more clarity and contrast to your images or add grain quickly.

The tones will change the overall tones of the image helping you quickly get the exact look you’re looking for.

Watch the video below to see how to easily get started with these presets!

with your presets

The Tools:

Clarity + Adds a little clarity
Clarity ++ Adds more clarity

Contrast + Adds a little contrast
Contrast ++ Adds more contrast

Grain + Adds some grain to your image
Grain Undo (self explanatory)

Orange Down Use this to reduce overly orange tones
Orange Down + reduce oranges more

Reduce Reds Use this if the image is a little too red-toned

Saturation + Brings up your overall saturation
Saturation ++ Brings up overall saturation more

Tone Clean Resets your split tone levels to 0



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