It’s time to learn your light

Understanding natural light is EVERYTHING when it comes to shooting in-home sessions. Grab this guide to learn the 4 light tips you need to know!

4 Lighting Tips You Need To Know

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I’m Carolina & I love in-home family photography!

Just like you, I once found myself navigating the tricky world of in-home photography, struggling to find that perfect lighting balance. There was this defining moment when I realized the power of natural light within my own home, transforming my photos dramatically.

My journey hasn’t been without its fair share of mistakes – from harsh shadows to flat, lifeless images. But through these mistakes, I discovered invaluable lighting techniques that truly elevate in-home photography.

I’ve dedicated myself to mastering the art of in-home family photography, and now, I’m passionate about helping you achieve stunning results in your own home and for your clients.