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Naked Walls Room Displays, designed specifically to help you sell more wall art.

can be used with photoshop or canva

If your client’s can’t visualize what wall art will look like in their homes, they won’t buy it.

This collection of 5 versatile room displays is the perfect tool to elevate your artwork from beautiful images to must-have home decor. These displays are crafted to showcase your photography in real-life settings, making it effortless for clients to imagine your work in their own spaces.

You’ll get 5 jpg images that you can import into Photoshop or Canva to create your own wall displays using your own frame images, or get the Gallery Makers Frames here.

This pairs great with my Gallery Makers Canva Frame Mockup Kit and use it with the Selling Stories Through Print Product Guide Template. Or get the Sell More Art Bundle with all three here.

After you’ve added your wall display, download your images to share with clients, add them to your product guide, your website and share on social media.

REQUIREMENTS: A free or pro Canva Account OR Photoshop

Due to the nature of digital downloads, all sales are final.

*Frames are not included in this purchase
*No watermarks will appear on your files

Prices are in Canadian but you can purchase from any country.

CAD $49.00

How it works:

Pick Your Scene:

Choose from this selection of beautifully designed room displays

ADD YOUR display:

Easily integrate your photographs into our displays using your favourite editing software.

Sell more art:

Use these enhanced visuals to captivate your clients and boost your wall art sales.

Let your work sell itself

Boost Sales:

Each display acts as a visual sales pitch, showcasing the true potential of your art in any setting.

Easy to Use:

Compatible with Photoshop and Canva, these jpg files are a simple drag-and-drop away from transforming your art into a wall display!


Add your own wall display using a frame mockup kit, or any other images of your art that you already have.

CAD $49.00


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