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Welcome Guide Template

For Lifestyle Family + Newborn Photographers

Elevate your client experience with this Canva Welcome Guide Template, meticulously designed for lifestyle family and newborn photographers. This template isn’t just a document; it’s the first step in building a lasting relationship with your clients. Fully customizable and easy to use, it allows you to infuse your brand’s unique style and warmth into every page.


Personalize easily with Canva – no design skills needed.

Pre-written Welcome Guide for your studio and lifestyle family, newborn and maternity sessions

This Canva template includes all the text so you can quickly put together a client welcome/prep guide walking your clients through the experience of working with you.

This is the guide I send my lifestyle session clients after they have booked to walk them through how to prepare, what to wear, what happens after their session, etc.  You’ll impress your clients with how well organized and well presented all the info is!

Fully editable using a free Canva account, just drop in your images, update the necessary text and export the pdf and you’re ready to go.  It will only take you a few minutes to put your guide together, and you’ll also get a full video tutorial showing you exactly what to do so you can do this even if you have never used Canva before!

Most of the text is pre-written for you but is editable so you can customize it for your business.

The template will be delivered with placeholder images, you’ll just drag and drop your images over the placeholders, update your text where needed and you’re done!

Every part of the design – text, image placement, colors, etc.  can be modified to match your brand.  Pages can easily be deleted or duplicated if you want to add more information or pages.


– US letter size (8.5×11) Canva template 
– 5 Cover Options
– 50 pre-designed pages
– Text included
– Includes Studio Newborn, In-Home Newborn, Family and Maternity pages
– Tutorial video explains how to customize your prep guide
– Images are NOT included.  You will need to insert your own images.

*Due to the nature of digital products, all sales are final.
**This template is not available to residents of Quebec as sending the same guide to our clients would not be good for either of us.  

REQUIREMENTS: A free or pro Canva Account


Set the scene for an unforgettable photo session experience for your clients

Enhances Client Experience

Provides clients with a thoughtful, informative guide that enhances their overall experience and prepares them for their session.

Builds Trust and Credibility

Shows clients that the photographer is organized and invested in their experience, building trust and credibility from the outset.

Professional Appearance

Elevates the professionalism of photographers, helping them make a great first impression on clients.


Save Time, Impress Clients

How the template will you look when you open it:
When you’re done:

PAGE 1-2 – Cheat sheet to help make the prep guide quickly
Pages 3-7 – COVER DESIGN – 5 cover designs included, choose your favourite
PAGE 8 – Welcome
PAGE 9 – Contents
PAGE 10 – Studio Details
PAGE 11 – The Process
PAGE 12 – What to Expect, Newborn In-Home
PAGE 13 – What to Expect, Newborn In-Studio
PAGE 14 – What to Expect, Family
PAGE 15 – Title Page
PAGE 16 – Preparing Your Home
PAGE 17 – Image Feature 1
PAGE 18 – Preparing Your Newborn, In-Home
PAGE 19 – Preparing Your Newborn, In-Studio
PAGE 20 – Let Kids Be Kids
PAGE 21 – Preparing Your Kids
PAGE 22 – Furry Friends
PAGE 23 – Family Session Activity Ideas
PAGE 24 – Image Feature 2
PAGE 25 – Title Page
PAGE 26 – What to Wear
PAGE 27 – Coordinating Outfits
PAGE 28 – Color Palettes
PAGE 30 – What to AvoidPAGE 31 – Dressing Your Newborn
PAGE 32 – Baby Wardrobe
PAGE 33 – Baby Outfit Inspiration
PAGE 34 – Maternity Sessions
PAGE 35 – Client Wardrobe
PAGE 36 – Pulling It All Together
PAGE 37 – Do’s & Don’ts
PAGE 38 – Inspiration, Image Features
PAGE 39 – Recommended Shops
PAGE 40 – Image Feature 3
PAGE 41 – Title Page
PAGE 42 – After Your Session (this page is NOT prewritten)
PAGE 43 – After Your Session TIMELINE (this page is NOT prewritten)
PAGE 44 – Protect Your Digital Files
PAGE 45 – Print Your Images
PAGE 46 – The Online Print Shop
PAGE 47 – Featured Product Design 1
PAGE 48 – Featured Product Design 2
PAGE 49 – Featured Product Design 3
PAGE 50 – Cheatsheet, In-Home Newborn
PAGE 51 – Cheatsheet, Studio Newborn
PAGE 52 – End Page, contact info

Stand Out

  • Craft a warm welcome in minutes, not hours
  • A guide that reflects the beauty of your photography
  • Personalize easily with Canva – no design skills needed
  • From tips to timelines, guide your clients effortlessly

How It Works

Your template arrives with placeholder images where your pictures go.  The pictures in the sample guide above are not included.  The included video walkthrough will show you exactly how to customize your template to make it your own!



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