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How can you create consistency in your work when you can’t narrow down your style?  That’s a huge struggle for many photographers – especially us lifestyle natural-light photographers who are always at a different location with changing light.  With this set, you’ll be able to carry your style from one session to the next with consistency and a clean yet modern look.

  • 3 versatile Color Presets
  • 2 Black & White Presets
  • Done-for-you low-light versions of each preset that lift your shadows without changing your colors
  • Consistency between presets – all the presets have the same base which keeps your work consistent but adapts to the coloring in the image
  • 9 quick-tools so you can tweak faster
  • 5 Color Modifiers to quickly enhance the blues and greens in your images
  • RESET PRESET Tool that allows you to reset the preset without resetting all your other changes (crop, radial filters, clone tool, brush etc).
  • Can be used with Lightroom Classic, CC, Abobe Camera Raw
  • Presets can be installed to Lightroom Mobile without a computer (not the tools)
  • Installation Instructions

.XMP files works with ACR, Lightroom, and Lightroom CC.  If you’re using LR 7 or older LRTEMPLATE files are included.
*Due to the nature of digital downloads, all sales are final.

Prices are in Canadian but you can purchase from any country.

CAD $75.00

About Evergreen Presets

The Evergreen Collection

A collection of presets designed to be used on natural-light images, made indoors or out.  

The 3 color presets have the same base with a small variance in tone so that you can find the perfect match for your images.

The 2 black and white images produce the perfect contrast between black and white. 

ROSE  gives your images a pinkish hue, the perfect balance for images with too much warmth

ROSE + is the same as ROSE, but with a lift in the shadows.  Perfect for your low-light images

WARM works best on cooler images that need extra warmth. 

WARM + is the same as WARM but lifts your shadows, perfect for low light images.

AMBER is the perfect balance of rose and warmth.  Use this when you want warmer skin tones without affecting the rest of image.

AMBER + gives your shadows a little kick.

B&W 1 creates a bright black and white with just enough contrast.

B&W 2 gives your images a moodier feel.

One-click ROSE Preset, no other adjustments.

How To Use evergreen

Edited with WARM and temperature and exposure adjustments.

Designed for images shot indoors or outdoors using natural light, these presets will help you by quickly creating gorgeous tones, from skin to grass.

Your exposure and white balance won’t be affected by the presets, so after (or before) applying the preset, be sure to adjust both your exposure and WB to quickly get the look you want.

The included tools allow you to add more clarity and contrast to your images or add grain or the Film Vibes tool to give you that film look.

The quick color change presets will only affect the greens or blues – use them to slightly change the look of grass, trees, skies, and jeans in your images.

Watch the video below to see how to easily get started with these presets!

with your presets

The Tools:

Clarity + Adds a little clarity
Clarity ++ Adds more clarity

Contrast + Adds a little contrast
Contrast ++ Adds more contrast

Grain + Adds some grain to your image
Grain Undo (self explanatory)

Shadows – Brings your shadows back down to 0

Film Vibes  Adds a film-look by lifting your blacks
Films Vibes Undo

COLOR These will slightly adjust the blues and greens in the images.


2 reviews for Evergreen Presets

  1. Megan (verified owner)

    I truly cannot say enough amazing things about the Evergreen presets! I’m completely blown away by the gorgeous tones these presets create on every single image I apply them to, and often with just one click! I’ve had stubborn edits I’ve not been happy with for a year, and after applying one of the presets they’re finally perfect and just what I envisioned. These presets are flawless and have absolutely changed my photography for the better (and I’ve only had them for a couple of hours). I couldn’t be more pleased! THANK YOU Carolina for creating this wonderful collection!!!

  2. Alayna F (verified owner)

    I truly feel like these presets have really helped me hone into my “style” as a photographer. These presets are easy as heck to tweak and honestly usually don’t need much tweaking in the first place! The tones are amazing and the warmth is *just* right! I’ve bought a few different presets in the last but I have never been happy with them like I am with the evergreen set! So good! Do yourself a favor and snag these and make your editing quicker and more cohesive!

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