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Family Session Client Questionnaire

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This Client Questionnaire PDF is designed specifically for photographers looking to enhance their client interactions and deliver more personalized photo sessions. This is a great tool that helps you get to know your clients on a deeper level, offering insights and ideas to tailor your shoots to their unique personalities and preferences.

The pdf includes 20+ questions you can ask. Choose the ones that resonate most with you. The pdf is NOT a template to send your clients. The questions need to be transferred into your CRM, or whatever tool you use in your business. (I send my questionnaire through Dubsado).

Why Use a Client Questionnaire? Adding a questionnaire to your client journey is an excellent way to break the ice and establish a connection before the session. While it’s not a necessity, it provides valuable information that can transform a good photo shoot into an extraordinary experience. By understanding your clients better, you can create images that truly reflect their genuine connections and emotions.

This questionnaire is included with Elevate: Your Client Journey Class. Don’t purchase this if you have the class!

CAD $19.00

Why use a Questionnaire?
  • Personalized Experience: Gain insights into your clients’ personalities, interests, and expectations, allowing you to customize each session to their preferences.
  • Stronger Connection: Build rapport and trust with your clients by showing genuine interest in their stories and relationships.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Use the information gathered to inspire creative and unique shots that resonate with your clients on a personal level.

You will receive a downloadable PDF when you check out.

CAD $19.00


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