Bundle – Minimal + Boho Designs

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To get your template, just click the button below and it’ll be copied to your Canva account.

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Watch the video below to learn how to quickly create your prep guide.


The video walkthrough was made using the Minimalist Template, but the process is the same for both.  


Images to prepare for your template:

  • (1) Self Portrait
  • (2) Pet Images
  • (40-50) Pictures from your portfolio, pictures of fabrics you love, outfits you recommend
  • (6-7) Product Pictures
  • (9) Outfit images you recommend for newborns (look at shops you like online for inspiration.  You can screen shot those images and link back to the shops in your guide (I explain this in the video). 
  1. Make sure you have a Canva account
  2. Copy the template to your account by clicking the button above.
  3. Before modifying your template, make a copy by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner of the template:

4. Rename one of the files “MASTER COPY” so you remember not to modify the original file
5. Click on the copy you made to edit the file
6. Upload your images, logo, and brand elements (Client pictures, clothing images, images with pets, self portraits or branding images, product pictures)
7. Choose a cover page design from the 3 available and delete the other 2 cover options
8. Replace all the placeholder images with your images
9. Update the “After Your Session” page text 
10. Reread the full guide to make sure everything is perfect
11. Export PDF!

You’re done! 

*Please don’t share this with anyone who has not purchased the template.