10 ways Heart+Lifestyle will aim to help you run a better lifestyle family photography business and how you can be a part of it!

Jul 6, 2017 | Collaborations, Heart Talk

So Cari, you spilled your pathetic guts on your “blog” but what the heck is this Heart + Lifestyle thing anyway? The truth is, I don’t really know exactly just yet, I just felt compelled to do it and to document my journey through figuring out, well, everything…

The intention for starting this blog was to inspire us all to move forward, believe in ourselves and allow our art to lead us to success.  I want to use this blog as a journal to figure out just how to do that together…

Here are 10 of my best-laid plans for this blog, my photography business and why you should stick around and become a part of this journey!

1. I have no idea what I am really doing, so this is bound to get interesting! haha…sort of…just like many people, my brain is exploding with thoughts and ideas….I want this to be a place to start making sense of it all!

2. Blogging.  Why, How, How often.  I never blog on my photography business blog, the whole “look at this beautiful family” thing doesn’t inspire me to blog, and since I never know what to say, I avoid it….not anymore….I’m going to try to piece that puzzle together….Oh, and not to mention how to monetize my blog…WHAT?  Again, didn’t realize this was a thing…

3. SEO and making an awesome website.  We can totally do this.

4. PEOPLE USE PINTEREST, apparently for everything: I didn’t realize what a huge thing it still is, did you?  I’ve been doing lots of research on how to optimize it, and I am going to be sharing that info and how it works for my photography business here.

5. Figuring out Automation.  So we can spend life living instead of sending emails and that kinda boring stuff.

6. Believing in yourself and kicking the imposter syndrome, because we don’t need that SH&%.  This is a big one.

7. AMAZING + REAL FEATURES!!!!  I want to interview some artists who are willing to tell it like it is.  I don’t really want to hear about how hunky-dory everything is, I want to hear how you got there and how you found the courage to do this, to believe in yourself and to turn your dreams into reality.  If you have a story to share, please get in touch with me.  Or nominate your favorite photographers so we can learn from how they got there!  Hopefully, I won’t have to beg.  If you want to volunteer please do it.  Put yourself out there alongside me 

8. It’s gonna get a little woo-woo.  I’ve never been much of a spiritual sort but this year has me exploring every avenue.  I’m going to share what I am learning and how it’s helping me (or not!)

9. Get on the directory.  There’s going to be a directory.  It’s gonna be a big one and it’s gonna kick back to your website (see #3!).  It’s going to be happening in the Facebook group.

10. Tutorials.  Shooting and Editing, Believing in yourself, Clearing your headspace and more. From me and the community (I hope!)

This is going to be a group centered blog.  I really want this to be FOR all of us.  #communityovercompetition always.  Let’s join forces and kick some serious a$$. OK?


I don’t claim to know everything, or much even about lifestyle newborn + family photography, but I know each of us has got a strong grasp on part of the puzzle.  So, I vote we share and help each other grow so we can all live our life’s dream…

Some of the ways you can collaborate on Heart + Lifestyle:Guest Blogging – If you have something you would love to share related to running a lifestyle family/newborn photography business, I would love to have you as a guest blogger here on Heart + Lifestyle!  Click here to submit your idea!  It doesn’t have to be directly related to photography – a book review, a class review, a meditation guide, or anything that really helped you along your journey!  Also, tutorials are more than welcome – I for one love to see how others run their business and create their art!

Social Media takeovers (Facebook + Instagram) – contact me if you are up for helping to get Heart + Lifestyle seen on social media!

Blog Interviews – sign up to be interviewed here. 

LEARNING!!!  Send me your questions about ANYTHING related to lifestyle photography, art or biz.  If I don’t know the answer I will try to find someone who does!

Group Pinterest Boards – Follow Heart + Lifestyle on Pinterest and send me an email with your username and which boards you would like to be a member of!

FEATURES!!!!  Share your success stories and how you did it!

This is all I could think of for now, but if you have an idea please email me.  I want to get the collaborations going ASAP because I really want H+L to be a community…if you read my first post, Lonely At The Bottom, going it alone is kinda lonely and I am over it!

PS.  Part of me is afraid to ask, but I really want to know what you think about this.  Please leave a comment or send me a message!

Thanks all!
Cari ?

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  1. Julie Johnson

    I love this and your work is Gorgeous! I love what you said about being real over the competition. I have a couple local friends who are photographers and I always feel like it’s awkward when we start talking about our photography. Why is that? I am generally a very intuitive person with body language and see it immediately. Idk know if it’s insecurities of the fact that everyone who gets their DSLR for Christmas/Birthday (would be nice if I could afford a gift like that lol) and calls themselves a photographer while undercutting those of us who labored our love into art over years of doubts, education, lack of sleep and money or it’s a comparison thing. I hope this blog takes off! I have been putting off a blog for my site for years out of fear or not doing it properly so kudos to you!!!! Feel free to contact me if you need a feature from CLE aka The Land;)


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